New Construction on Landscape Three in 2011


Continued erosion on the shoreline calls for a new solution

The first step is to take out the remnants of the old fascine on the shoreline

Now the big rocks are brought in to build the toe


Laying the rock base for the toe

Gaps are filled with smaller stone (note the fabric holding the native soil in place)

Pea stone is added on top of the small stone

Forms are put in place and building the lower encapsulated soil lift may begin

Fabric has been laid down and the soil is brought in

Leveling and tamping down the soil

Seeding the lift before the fabric is secured

Staking down the fabric on the lower lift before starting the upper lift

Building the upper lift begins after setting dogwood shrubs to grow between the lifts

Staking down the fabric of the upper lift

Trimming off the tips of the dogwood shrubs and cleaning up the site

The completed encapsulated soil lift system, ready to grow plants